Texas Reporter Does Story on Her Own Arrests

FTVLive FIRST told you that KVII (Amarillo) Reporter Lia Kamana was arrested twice in the same night, charged with public intoxication and assault on a public servant.

Kamana did a story on her arrest and ordeal this week on KVII’s newscast.

"Because I ended up behind bars, I didn't have time to worry about what happened. I just knew I had to start fighting to prove I was the victim, not the perpetrator," said Kamana.

Kamana says that she was slipped a “date rape” drug and some test she had done on hair samples and the results came back positive for GHB, Gamma Hydroxybutyric Acid. According to experts, GHB is currently one of the most popular date rape drugs.

It does seem odd that a station would let a Reporter do her own reporting on a story about her arrest and following ordeal.

Wouldn’t it be better to have another Reporter tell the story with her as the subject?

Just saying….

Here is her report: