INTRODUCING The FTVLive Netcasts!!!

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Today FTVLive is going back to the future and unveiling a new (old) feature on this website. 

Longtime readers of FTVLive know that FTVLive was doing podcasts before the word podcast was even invented. Back then it cost a fortune in bandwidth and it was not really that easy to stream audio on the web.

But, that has all changed and people have been asking us for years to start doing a podcast once again.

So, we decided to jump back in the pool and here is episode 1 of the FTVLive Netcast.

BTW- We already have some awesome guests lined up for future Netcasts. 

Changing Channels

Changing Channels

OTA Talent is proud to announce the following client placements:
Bianca Graulau joins WTSP in Tampa, FL as an enterprise multi-skilled journalist.  She previously worked at KXTV in Sacramento, CA.
Cameron Ridle jumps 60 markets and joins KPHO/KTVK in Phoenix, AZ as a reporter/MMJ.  He moves from WNEM in Flint-Saginaw, MI, where he was a weekend anchor/reporter.
Steve Patterson signs a new Agreement as an anchor/host of Twin Cities Live at KSTP in Minneapolis, MN.
Mike Iliopoulos jumps 67 markets and joins KMGH in Denver, CO as an enterprise reporter.  He moves from KRGV in Weslaco, TX, where he was a reporter.

More moves after the jump.... 

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