EXCLUSIVE! Fox Schedules Meetings with Nexstar


Sources tell FTVLive that Fox Television executives have meetings set up with Nexstar suits next week.

Word is that Fox wants to talk about which of the Tribune stations they want to acquire from Nexstar, which is buying the Tribune stations.

Many of the Tribune stations that have the Fox affiliation have affiliation agreements expiring in the next few months. Fox is said to be interested in a number of those stations to become O&O’s.

Nexstar is buying the 42 Tribune stations for over $4 billion dollars. Sources tell FTVLIve that after Nexstar sells the crossover markets, the selling of WPIX and Fox takes the stations that they want, it will be likely that Nexstar will end up with about 25-28 new stations.

Far from the 42 that they bought.

Stay tuned….