Pushed Out in Denver

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Denvers KDVR/KWGN is shaking up their news lineup and a legendary Anchor is being pushed to the exit.

Sources tell FTVLive that longtime Denver Anchor Ernie Bjorkman (pictured) is getting pushed out, as the station retools its news lineup.

The station posted a press release about the changes, saying that Bjorkman is “retiring” from the Anchor chair. That is not true, but Ernie Bjorkman, ever the professional is said to be going along with the station’s line.

Also getting the shaft is Anchor Ken Clark. Clark used to Anchor on the much more watched KDVR and moved over to CW KWGN with the promise that he would be heir apparent when Bjorkman stepped down.

Here is the internal memo about the changes and as to who is taking Bjorkman’s spot, sent out by News Director Brian Gregory and obtained by FTVLive:

From: Gregory, Brian
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2019 12:37 PM
To: Denver News
Cc: Barrett, Joan
Subject: Daybreak Anchor Change

Team –

I wanted you to hear this from me first. Beginning in late March, Chris Parente is taking over for Ernie Bjorkman and will be co-anchoring Daybreak with Natalie, Ken and Chris.

We thank Ernie for his time and his service. I really respect and appreciate him – I think we all do. He’s a great guy, a good journalist, and a respected newsroom citizen who has been doing it the right way for a long time.

Ernie’s last day will be in mid to late March, with Chris taking over immediately thereafter.

If you have any questions – stop by.

Gregory and KDVR/KWGN Joan Barrett have cut way back on sending out memos to the staff, because Barrett is not happy that the emails keep ending up on FTVLive.

But she did send out a follow up memo to Gregory’s memo and damn if here it is on FTVLive:

From: Barrett, Joan
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2019 12:40 PM
To: Denver
Subject: FW: Daybreak Anchor Change

I wanted to forward Brian’s note below – and the attached press release about some anchor and program changes coming up this spring for both stations. We’ve discussed the program changes with a lot of you – and we decided to go ahead and put out a release so sales can get started selling the changes. A big thanks to Ernie for all of his time helping us re-launch Ch 2 – as the note says, you will still see him on air for us from time-to-time.

Thanks everyone!

Since Barrett’s emails have been posted on FTVLive, insiders say the station is run “like a police state.” Things are not allowed to be written down and one insider tells FTVLive, “Employees have been ordered not to read your site.”

Thankfully, they still do and so does Joan Barrett.

Hi Joan!