Signed Off in DC

Longtime WTTG Anchor Tony Perkins has signed off from the Fox O&O.

Perkins, a former Weatherman for Good Morning America has spent years doing the news at WTTG.

After landing a radio gig, Perkins cut back his workload at WTTG, working on the morning newscast just two days a week. When his contract came up, Perkins decided to call it quits at WTTG and focus on his radio job and future projects.

Losing Perkins, follows the loss of Annie Yu, who crossed the street to WUSA and is anchoring mornings for the Tegna station.

WTTG has seen their morning ratings slip and management even called for an “emergency ratings meeting.”

WTTG insiders tell FTVLive that News Director Paul Mcgonagle has taken to emailing the staff and telling them the ratings suck and they have to do better.

Nothing like demeaning the staff.

I’m sure that will want them to really start working harder for you.

Who the hell teaches employee management at The Firm anyway?

We’re thinking that Tony Perkins might have picked the perfect time to leave.