No. 1 on our List of the Worst TV news person on Social Media

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Coming in at No. 1 on our Worst list of people on social media, we go to one of our biggest fans, KSAZ Anchor Kari Lake.

Lake is supposed to be an objective News Anchor, she is anything but.

While talking to a group of people at IRE in Orlando this past year, Kari Lake’s name came up and a top market News Director said, “It’s like she is auditioning for her next job at

Lake posted to social media how she had no problem with Donald Trump saying he likes to grab women by the pussy. To her it was just “locker room talk.”


Not sure which locker rooms Lake hangs out in, but I have not heard that kind of talk in any locker room I have been in.

This year, Lake posted this gem about how teachers asking for more money was just a ploy to legalize pot.


She later kind or sort of said she was sorry for that tweet. Her apology looked more like something her bosses made her do and not something she was really sorry for.

Then at election time she tweeted out this with absolutely no proof that it was true or correct:


Kari Lake is just one of those people that work in TV news that should stay off social media, for the good of her station and the industry as a whole.

Just saying….

Check back next hour to see who tops the list as the best.