The 2nd Best TV News person on Social Media...

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Our No. 2 on the worst list was WTTG GM Patrick Paolini and our No. 2 on the best list, used to work for Paolini at the same station.

No. 2 on the best list is WUSA Anchor Annie Yu.

Yu posts all day and all night across all her social media and she engages with every single person that comments of her social media.

She has almost a perfect mix of posting news stories, humor and videos that keep her followers engaged and coming back for more.

Yu often hits social media before hitting the air to try and bring viewers to their TV screens. She post breaking news all day and also shares some tips that are new, (or at least new to her):

If you want a great example of someone doing social media the right way, 24/7, then you should be following @AnnieYuTV across all platforms.

Check back next hour when you give you the Worst TV news person on social media.