The No. 1 TV news person on Social Media...

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The No. 1 person on our list of the Best TV news people on social media we head to Chicago and a person that doesn’t work in TV news, but does weather.

That’s where we find WGN Meteorologist Morgan Kolkmeyer.

Kolkmeyer’s social media is damn near perfect. She is very inforamative, a good sense of humor and someone that really does not mind poking fun at herself.

While many in TV news study each and every picture to make sure they look perfect before they post, Kolkmeyer just grabs a screenshot and puts it up.

To her, it’s more about the information and not if she looks perfect in the pic.

Don’t get us wrong, Kolkmeyer is beautiful and very smart. She is admittedly a true weather nerd and her passion for her job shows through on her social media.

I mean, does anyone over the age 5 get this excited when there is snow in the forecast?

And when everything does not quite go right on air, Morgan is not afraid to point out the mistakes:

Kolkmeyer’s social media is damn near prefect on the way that she posts and interacts with her followers.

And that makes her FTVLive’s pick as the best TV news person on social media.