This is SO Wrong! (Updated)

Most people know that when it comes to Fox News show Fox and Friends, they are not exactly a pillar of Journalism.

But, even we did not expect that the show would go so far to give guests questions that they would be asked and let them pick the topics.

The Daily Beast reports that Fox and Friends let former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt pick the topics he wanted covered and let him know what questions would be asked.

The Daily Beast even posted an email from EPA press secretary Amy Graham, in which she proposed an interview to Fox & Friends producer Andrew Murray, who quickly agreed to bring Pruitt on the next day to discuss the topic.

Murray then copied producer Diana Aloi, saying she said she would follow up with “pre-interview questions on the agreed-upon topic, the new direction of the EPA, and helping communities that were poorly served by the last administration.”

In subsequent emails, Aloi repeatedly sought “talking points” and the “top three priorities are for the EPA that Mr. Pruitt would like to discuss specifically.”

Once Graham sent over the talking points, Aloi sought the government official’s approval for the script introducing Pruitt’s segment.

“Would this be okay as the setup to his segment?” producer Diana Aloi asked.

If Fox News doesn’t fire the people involved in this absolute breach of Journalism, then they better stop complaining when the network is referred as “state run TV.”

Update: A Fox News spokesperson sent this statement to FTVLive: “This is not standard practice whatsoever and the matter is being addressed internally with those involved.”

If those involved are not fired, then this is just lip service.

You can read the full stomach turning story at The Daily Beast.