We Call Bullshit...

KSAZ (Phoenix) Anchor Kari Lake gave up trying to be an objective Journalist a longtime ago.

Lake is so bad, that she landed on FTVLive’s list as the 4th worst person in TV news for 2017. It now appears, she is trying to make a run for 2018 as well.

Lake often shares her right wing views and loves slamming the left. She tweeted out that she had no problem with Trump’s statement about “grabbing women by the pussy.”

This weekend Lake tweeted out this:

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 3.06.15 AM.png

Of course the ballot she was referring to had votes cast for all Democrats. Is this a conspiracy? Are the Dems trying to rig the election? It has to be voter fraud! Call the FBI!

But let’s look a bit closer at the facts here. First of all, absentee ballots were sent out weeks ago. Is this person just now opening their mail? Also, if the ballot was already filled out, why mail to the person, why not just send it in under their name?

At last but not least, look at the left side of the picture.


Yes folks that is a sharpie pen, the very same pen you use to fill out a ballot.

The fact that Kari Lake gave this any credence at all is disturbing, but not surprising. Like we said, she gave up being a real Journalist a longtime ago.

I hate the term “Fake News” but when it comes to this Fox O&O Anchor, she might as well have it tattooed on her forehead.

KSAZ, you could do so much better than this woman as your Anchor. You really can.