This is Tegna...

Donald Trump basically said that the military should shoot the immigrants in the caravan headed to the US if they try and throw rocks at them. Trump later backed off his statement.

But, not before Tegna owned KHOU (Houston) asked viewers in a poll if they thought it was ok to shoot the immigrants at the border?

Yes folks, in an effort to drive ratings, Tegna is asking viewers if the US government should start killing people? Vote now!

Sources tell FTVLive that people in the KHOU newsroom questioned management asked if there “other ways to ask about immigration policy?”

Management said that this was how the question was being worded and they were sticking with it.

One EP bragged that it was a “win” because so many people voted in the poll.

BTW, 63% said, yeah go ahead and shoot these people.

This is Tegna helping make America great again.