Back to Editing....

It seems that Megyn Kelly and NBC are trying to save face after Kelly's upcoming story on nut-job Alex Jones has been deeply criticized. 

Word is now that Kelly has completely overhauled her story featuring Jones.

Page Six says that Kelly is now  inviting Sandy Hook families on the program and editing her interview with Jones to be tougher on him, following all the backlash this week.

Page Six writes that NBC News execs were scrambling following the furor over Kelly’s decision to give a platform to the controversial Infowars host, who claimed the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax.

A contrite Kelly personally called the Sandy Hook families, we’re told, to invite them on the show to counter Jones’ rhetoric.

A source told us, “NBC was scrambling to find a way out of this mess without having to back down and cancel Sunday’s episode of Megyn’s show. Megyn and her producers made numerous calls to the Sandy Hook families this week to ask them to appear on the show. Some refused because they didn’t think appearing on her show would do enough to counter Alex Jones’ venom.”

Another source added, “Everyone on the show believes it’s vitally important that the piece conveys the immense pain that Jones has caused the Sandy Hook families.” The source added it was normal to be editing right up until airtime.

Of course all this controversy should be good for Kelly's ratings which took a dramatic deep dive  in week two from week one. 

The big winner in all this? 

Alex Jones. 

Most people had no clue who this idiot was, but now thanks to Megyn Kelly and NBC, millions are now learning the name Alex Jones. 

It appears the criticism is well justified for that reason alone.