The Hate from Hannity

Sean Hannity went on another hate filled rant about how poorly the media and the Democrats are treating President Trump. 

Here's Hannity's hate filled rant:

Of course, when President Obama was in office, Hannity engaged in the exact same thing that he now says he's against. 

Watch just the first few minutes of this rant and see if the irony does not run you over as you sit there. 

Or here's a dandy where he asks President Bush why he won't criticize and trash President Obama. Yet when the Democrats do it to Trump it's wrong. 

More hate from Hannity...

Now, as you watch the video at the top followed by the other three, you will notice that in all the videos that Hannity speaks out of his mouth and out of his ass at the same time. 

Hannity is a hate-monger that spews just vile crap and does so all in the name of ratings. And sadly, he can't even stay consistent on the crap he is spewing.