Back from the Beach

Coming back to the FTVLive World Headquarters is always strange. Although I was only gone a day and a half, I feel so out of touch as I try to get back into the saddle.

I spent the past couple days in West Palm Beach where I played in the US Open Qualifier at Trump International Golf Club.

I will say that the high winds and very firm and fast greens made it one of the tougher rounds of golf I have played in years. And despite finishing in the top 3rd of the field, I did not qualify for the Open.

Out of almost 90 players, only 3 make it onto the Open. I am not one of those 3. 

I want to thank the FTVLive Intern for filling in while I was gone. The Intern rankled a few feathers with his stories and praised some people that deserved it. Just like we like it.

BTW - While I was a Trump International Golf Club I saw Rush Limbaugh's name on one of the lockers at the club. Limbuagh has been a member at the course for years.

After I took a picture, I thought Rush deserved some sort of gift, you know, from the mainstream media.

So I wiped a booger on his locker.

I won't say what I did to Donald Trump's locker.....

Let's get on with Today's news.

Memphis Reporter Attacked on Camera

WATN (Memphis) Reporter Jeni DiPrizio was attacked on camera and it was all caught on tape.

DiPrizio was looking to interview the owner of a Tennessee scrap yard turned eyesore. When she showed up with camera in tow, the property owner's daughter, Nancy Ellis was not too happy to see the news crew.

The best part is while DiPrizio is wrestling around with the daughter, the Photographer continues to roll and doesn't offer a helping hand.

Maybe that was payback for all those years of NOT carrying the tripod.

Let's go to the video:

Baton Rouge Reporter is Arrested for Comment

When the ego of a TV Reporter clashes with the ego of a cop, it doesn't take long for things to get ugly.

WBRZ Reporter Brett Buffington (really that's his name) was arrested after cops say he was  interfering with a law enforcement investigation.

Buffington was booked on counts of interfering with an officer and intimidating a public official.

The police report says that Buffington interfered with a burglary investigation when he disobeyed police requests to leave the area and took photos using a flash, which diverted the officers’ attention and put “their lives in danger.”

Police placed Buffington in the back of a police unit until the area was made safe, the report says. Buffington was then issued a criminal summons and told he was free to leave, to which he told an officer, “Hope you enjoy the rest of your career.”

The report says the officer took the comment to mean that Buffington would have the officer fired, so the reporter was then arrested and booked into the Parish Prison.

Baton Rouge police declined to give any further comment beyond the report. It is unclear why Buffington walked up to the investigation or where he was going.

When Buffington arrived at the scene, the report says, police advised him not to continue any further so he wouldn’t disturb the police dogs.

Police told Buffington a second time to leave the area, but he instead began taking several photos of the officers and the scene using the flash, the report says.

“WBRZ is working with our employee and the Baton Rouge Police Department to determine the full details of what occurred,” said WBRZ News Director Chuck Bark in an email response.

H/T The Advocate

Bob Schieffer Signing Off for Real this Time

This weekend, Bob Schiffer will finally sign off from CBS's Face the Nation.

It's not the first time he tried to retire. Schieffer says he tried to retire a decade ago. CBS asked him to stay. He tried again a few years later. CBS asked him to stay. He tried once more last year. CBS asked him … well, you get the idea.

But this time it is really happening. 

Sunday morning’s edition will be his last. He promises this retirement will stick.

“The interesting thing about my life — a lot of the recognition I got was after most people retired,” Schieffer said.

In the 12 years since he turned 65, Schieffer moderated his first presidential debate (and then his second and third); wrote a best-selling memoir, “This Just In”; and led “Face The Nation” to its highest viewership since he took over as the host in 1991.

He became a steady and familiar on-air presence while other prominent personalities came and went (Katie Couric, David Gregory), died (Tim Russert, Peter Jennings) or became mired in scandal (Brian Williams). Schieffer does not have the same star power that many of his peers enjoy but the tumult of the news business over the past decade has given him room to thrive.

“I had a little at the end there,” Schieffer said in a telephone interview. “All of that happened when I was basically a senior citizen.”

Not a bad way to go out Bob.

Good Luck!

H/T NY Times

106 Days and Counting


It has been 106 days since NBC announced that they had suspended Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams for lying.

Williams is just over the half way point in his 6 month suspension and the question remains, is BriLie coming back to NBC News?

Many think it would be impossible for NBC to put Williams back in the trusted anchor chair. But, 106 days in and NBC has still not tipped their had as to what they are going to do with lyin' Brian?

Some inside NBC think that now that the May sweeps are over, NBC will make statement as to what Williams' future will or will not be at the network.

NBC claims they are still investigating other possible lies told by Williams, but people inside NBC News tell FTVLive that no one has been interviewed "in ages" about Williams.

"There is no doubt they are done with the investigation, but they still aren't talking," says one NBC insider to FTVLive.

So the waiting game continues.

Stay tuned.... 

Signing off in Tampa

Taking "it's all about me" TV to a whole new level as WFTS Anchor Linda Hurtado signed off from the station.

Changing Channels

Adams Broadcast Consulting has a number of their clients moving into new gigs. Here are some of the ABC Clients latest moves:

Amy Aaronson jumps 51 markets joining WBFF-TV in Baltimore as a weekend meteorologist from WLTX-TV in Columbia, South Carolina where she was a weekday morning and noon meteorologist and traffic anchor.

Jacqueline Bennett heads south to be closer to her husband joining XETV in San Diego as a weekday morning meteorologist after leaving KRON-TV in San Francisco where she was their chief meteorologist.

Courtney Griffin makes a 91 market jump returning home to Phoenix as a reporter at KSAZ-TV, leaving WPDE-TV in Myrtle Beach where she worked as weekend morning anchor and MMJ.

Marc Liverman also leaves WPDE-TV to work at Fios1 News in New York City as an MMJ.

Chris McKinnon is promoted to weekday morning anchor at WBZ-TV where he was working as a reporter. This is the third promotion for Chris in the past eight months.

Jadiann Thompson will be joining WHDH-TV in Boston as a weekend evening anchor after leaving KHSB-TV in Kansas City working as a weekday evening anchor.

Diane Tuazon joins KRON-TV as their weekday evening weather anchor.  Prior to that she worked at KLAS-TV as a weathercaster and reporter.

Amy, Jacqueline, Courtney, Marc, Chris, Jadiann and Diane are represented by Dana Adams.  Adams Broadcast Consulting is a full service boutique agency.  Visit ABC on the web at


Sweeping Up in New Orleans

The Big Easy showed no big surprises in the May book. WWL is still your ratings king.

Here are the numbers for the evening and late newscasts:

4 p.m. – WDSU, 4.8; WVUE, 3.6.

5 p.m. – WWL, 8.7; WDSU, 6.9; WVUE, 5.2; WGNO, 1.4.

5:30 p.m. – WWL ("CBS Evening News"), 8.5; WDSU ("NBC Nightly News"), 8.1; WVUE, 5.1; WGNO ("ABC World News"), 1.8.

6 p.m. – WWL, 9.7; WDSU, 7.5; WVUE ("Jeopardy!"), 6.5; WGNO, 1.1.

9 p.m. – WVUE, 6.7; WUPL ("The 504"), 0.3.

10 p.m. – WWL, 8.0; WVUE, 6.7; WDSU, 5.7; WGNO, 1.5.

Al Sharpton: Is God Punishing Texas?

The historic flooding in Texas has caused millions of dollars and damage and has taken more than a dozen lives.

While the historic rains are looked at by many as a super natural weather event, Al Sharpton wonders if it isn't something else that has caused the storm?

In a tweet pimping his radio show, Sharpton asks if the flooding is God's way of punishing Texas?

On his show, Sharpton said, "All of the storms, the tornadoes, the flooding in Texas. Is this a rebuke from God, which many callers said today it is. And others are saying it is just a natural result of man using fossil fuels and abusing the environment — and it’s climate change, global warning. We’ve done it to ourselves.”

Really Al?

Sleep on (Above) Conan O'Brien's Set

Tired of your bedroom, or sick of sleeping in hotel rooms?

How about shacking up in the rafters above Conan O'Brien's set?

On June 3, the late-night funnyman will host an overnight stay for two fans in the rafters above the “Conan” set on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, Calif.

Coco fans have until June 2 to enter at by responding to the show’s inquiry: “Tell us a little about yourself and why on earth you’d want to spend five minutes in our rafters, much less a whole night.” Entries will be judged on originality, creativity, spirit and quality of expression.

Winners will not only sleep above the same sound stage where “The Karate Kid, Part II” and “Mildred Pierce” were filmed, but the fans will keep a watchful eye on the June 3 “Conan” taping (On-camera interaction with O’Brien is guaranteed).

H/T Page Six