Cuts Happening at Scripps Stations

Sources tell FTVLive that it appears that some cuts are happening at Scripps properties. 

Word is that cuts have already happened in Denver and more are expected at other Scripps owned stations.

Sources also tell FTVLive that Scripps will be putting a digital content person in the News Director's chair at some of their stations.

In other words, the web person will now be in charge.

It is first expected to happen at KNXV in Phoenix and spread to other Scripps stations.

It seems that the company is figuring out that digital is the future and is about to start moving their TV stations in that direction.

Stay tuned as we try and dig up more info and of course remember where you read it first, cuz you can bet the other guys will be stealing it from us as usual. 

What the Hell?! (Updated)

FTVLive has gotten our hands on a video from KCBS in LA. Anchor Paul Magers is cutting a tease video and then either has a seizure or is breaking out into some white man's dance.

Watch the video and see:

Update: CBS has filed a copyright infringement with YouTube and had the video taken down. FTVLive believes that this video falls within the "fair use" guidelines and we will be filing a counter claim with YouTube against CBS.

Bumped Up at ABC News

ABC News has bumped up Correspondents Cecilia Vega and Tom Llamas to Anchors of ABC World News Tonight weekends.

Vega will anchor Saturday's WNT with Llamas handling Sunday night. 

It is a fast rise for Llamas who was hired at ABC News late last year, coming from WNBC in New York. Llamas is represented by Rick Ramage at N.S. Bienstock. Vega is repped by Alan Berger at CAA. 

ABC News boss Ben Sherwood tweeted out congratulations to the two this morning:

Phoenix Reporter Off The Air to Try and Save Her Mother's Life

KPHO Anchor/Reporter Rebecca Thomas is going to be off air for the next 5 weeks or so, but for a very good reason.

Thomas is taking a leave of absence to try and help save her mother's life. On Tuesday, Thomas will have surgery to have one of her kidney's removed and donated to her mother.

Thomas says that her 62 year old mom is healthly, except that her kidney function has plummeted to 11-percent.

Thomas says her mom has an autoimmune disorder called Lupus (she has been in remission for 25-years) and it attacked her kidneys when she was in 20's - with severe scarring that reduced her kidney function and over the past 30 years she kidney's have declined to the point they have almost quit functioning. 

Thomas was tested and is "a match" for mom and is do thankful that she is. 

"I am very nervous about undergoing major surgery. But, the thought of losing my beautiful mother --prematurely -- is far more terrifying," she says.

Our thoughts go out to Rebecca Thomas and her mother and we hope and pray that all goes well.

Thomas is expected back on the air in April. 


Suspended Albuquerque Anchor to Return to the Air Tonight

After being suspended for a week, longtime KOB Anchor Tom Joles will return to the air tonight.

FTVLive FIRST reported that Joles was involved a newsroom altercation last Monday with longtime Reporter Stuart Dyson. Dyson was coming to the aide of a Reporter that Joles was dressing down in the newsroom. 

Station management sent Joles home for what they called a "cool down period."

“It’s over, it’s done, the book is closed,” GM Mike Burgess said about Joles return. 

Sources tell FTVLive that Dyson has also been suspended for his involvement in the fracas.

KOB Photographer Joseph Lynch was also involved, but station management denies that to be the case. Insiders tell FTVLive that Lynch was trying to keep Joles and Dyson apart and that another Anchor at the station pulled Lynch away. 

KOB management has down their best to downplay the situation and said that the incident was nothing more than a "heated discussion." Not often that a main Anchor is pulled off the air in ratings for a "heated discussion."

But hey, that's the station's story and they seem to be sticking with it. 

Louisville Sports Anchor Indicted in Fatal Hit and Run

FTVLive told you about the fatal accident that involved a Louisville station's news car back in January. 

Now, a grand jury indicted WHAS weekend Sports Anchor Jeff Woods on charges of failing to stop following an accident that killed a pedestrian.

A Jefferson County grand jury indicted Woods, who was driving a station news car on one count of failing to stop and render aid after the Jan. 23 accident.

Marriott Hotel employee Fontaine Jeffery, 58, was crossing at Jefferson and Second streets when she fell for an unknown reason as she was leaving work, according to Louisville Metro Police. Two vehicles hit Jeffery and she died that night at University of Louisville Hospital.

Witnesses told police the second vehicle was from WHAS and police impounded a station vehicle as part of the investigation.

"We've cooperated with the investigation from the beginning and will let the judicial process run its course," WHAS General Manager Linda Danna said in a statement sent to The Courier-Journal.

Failure to stop and render aid is a class D felony, punishable by one to five years in prison and a fine of $1,000 to $10,000.

Woods joined WHAS as the weekend Sports Anchor in May. He worked more than eight years at WBKO-TV in Bowling Green covering Western Kentucky University, his alma mater, before he was hired at WHAS.

H/T Courier-Journal.

Shirley You Can't Be Serious?

KTLA Reporter Eric Spillman was sent out on a very important assignment for the KTLA morning news.

He was asking people what color that stupid dress was?

Spillman thought he landed an exclusive with THE Shirley MacLaine. It was not Shirley MacLaine and Spillman never even knew it.

After finding out that it was not MacLaine, Spillman  admitted on Twitter that he had been fooled.  There goes the Emmy. 

Changing Channels

Adams Broadcast Consulting has been moving clients onto bigger and better jobs. Here are some of their recent placements"  

Kerry Barrett joins WNBC-TV in New York as a weekday morning breaking news anchor after leaving WTFX-TV in Philadelphia where she was a weekday morning anchor.

Katy Blakey returns home to Dallas as a weekend morning anchor at KXAS-TV from KOCO-TV in Oklahoma City where she was a weekday morning anchor.

Clark Fouraker also heads home to Jacksonville where he will be an Investigative Reporter for WTLV-TV.  He leaves WLTX-TV in Columbia, South Carolina where he was a weekend morning anchor and investigative reporter.

Mike LaCrosse is promoted to weekday morning anchor at WLNE-TV in Providence from weekend evening anchor.  This is the second promotion for Mike in six months.

Chris McKinnon is promoted to a staff reporter at WBZ-TV where he was working as a freelance reporter and will be filling in as weekday morning anchor for the next three months.

Anita Roman is promoted to weekend morning anchor at KSAZ-TV in Phoenix from a weekday morning reporter.

Congratulations to investigative reporters Wendy Halloran and Clark Fouraker for each winning the prestigious DuPont award!

Kerry, Katy, Clark, Mike, Chris, Anita and Wendy are represented by Dana Adams.  Adams Broadcast Consulting is a full service boutique agency.  Visit ABC on the web at