One In and One Out

KTSM (El Paso) says that effective immediately, David Candelaria takes over as VP and General Manager of the Nexstar-owned NBC affiliate.

Which also means that ‘effective immediately old GM Gary Sotir has been kicked the curb. 

Candelaria arrives to KTSM from KINT Univision El Paso, where he spent 17 years at the Entravision-owned station, most recently as VP and General Manager of the Univision-UniMas duopoly and five radio stations.

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Former San Antonio Anchor is Dead

Former San Antonio Anchor Bob Salter died Friday.

No cause of his death has been given yet, but it appears to be natural causes.

According to KSAT, where Salter worked, he "died in his sleep after a LONG bike ride."

KENS, where Salter worked before going to KSAT reports that, "....he finished a SHORT 20-mile ride through his beloved Texas Hill Country just a short time before his death.

So we know, according to the stations he worked for that, Salter died after a Long or Short bike. 

The results of an autopsy are now pending.

Salter was 61.

Poor Edward R. Murrow

Poor Edward R. Murrow must get very tired rolling over in his grave again and again:

First Coast News Traffic Jam

It's Friday and sometimes you have to have a little fun, so I dropped a rhyme during traffic- let me know if you like what I've done! #TrafficJam #KatiesCommuters

Posted by Katie Jeffries on Friday, May 22, 2015

Hey....It's What We Do.....

Earlier this week, FTVLive confirmed a story that we first said was going to happen back in March. 

FTVLive told you that St. Louis Anchor Sharon Reed was headed to Atlanta and WGCL.

Atlanta Journal Constitution Media Writer Rodney Ho reported the Reed news and included this line:

Rumors of Reed’s impending arrival go back to March, starting with FTV-live reporting that news director Larry Perret had a meal with her.  (That’s impressive sourcing FTV!)

First Rodney, it's FTVLive all one word, no hyphen, no spaces.

Second, as to the impressive's what we do and it's why we are the best at it (remember kids, it's not bragging if it's true).

But, most of all Rodney, thanks for the shoutout and giving credit where credit is due. Maybe Mike James, the folks at Adweek and a number of others could try it some time.

Just saying.... 


It is way too early for us here at FTVLive to make any decision on who will we be voting for in 2016?

FTVLive past voting record has been all over the board. We have voted for Republicans, Democrats and Independents.

Seriously...we try to find the best person for the job and could care less if they have an R or D or I next to their name.

But, in this interview that Ted Cruz did with KMBT (Beaumont,TX) Reporter Kevin Steele, we're a bit worried that we will not be voting for Mr. Cruz.

Steele tried to ask Cruz about his stance against Gay Americans? Cruz ducked the question and said, "why is you guys are obsessed with sex.....I recognize that you are reading questions from MSNBC."

Cruz is not getting our vote because of his anti-gay stance. It's because he thinks the media gets their marching orders from MSNBC. Talk about an out of touch politician.

Someone needs to tell Ted Cruz that no one watches MSNBC. No one.

Let's go to the video:

You Know This is Making the ABC News Bosses Uneasy

Some interesting artwork is popping up near ABC's corporate offices in New York and it has to have the ABC suits winching a bit.

Posters feature Hillary Clinton with a smiling George Stephanopoulos along with the PayPal symbol and the word "Donate" plastered on them. 

The ABC News anchor under fire for failing to disclose $75,000 in donations to the Clinton Foundation.

We're guessing that ABC is doing all they can to take the posters down as quickly as they can. 

50 Sexiest People in National TV News

The gang over at Mediaite has come up with their list of the 50 Sexiest in national TV News.


That's a lot of people and Mediaite sorts the list by alphabetical order, which, let's admit it, is a bit of a cop out. This also puts Robin Meade at No. 35 on the list, which is borderline sacrilegious. 

Since the list is so long, basically anyone you can think of in national news is on the list. Well, except for Wolf Blitzer. 

And there are a bunch of people we never even herd of on the list. Lik, who the hell is Leland Vittert?

Maybe, one day, FTVLive will do a list that is a bit more concise and doesn't cop out with the alphabetical order. 

Until then, here's the list from Mediaite. 


LA Reporter Out on an Island with Report

KTLA Anchor Glen Walker broke a big story involving the city of Los Angeles and the NFL.

Walker reported that the NFL will announce in AUGUST That the St. Louis Rams will return to Los Angeles.

But many people are saying that Walker's report is wrong. 

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times did it more generally, with this tweet: “You might hear some reports that the NFL has already decided the LA site/team(s). There is a scientific word for reports like these: Bogus."

There is no doubt that the NFL i

NBC Sports writes that even if the Rams will eventually be returning to L.A., the NFL surely won’t be announcing that in August. As of August, the Rams would still have a full season to play in St. Louis. After the mess than unfolded in Cleveland when the Browns announced in November a plan to move to Baltimore, the NFL learned that these issues can’t come to a head when a team still has games left to play in its current town.

Besides, the NFL is committed to its formal relocation process. The window to apply for relocation won’t open until late in the 2015 season, at the earliest. Then, the application must be considered and approved, before a move can be announced.

None of that will happen by August. Which means that there’s no way the NFL will announce that the Rams or anyone will be moving to Los Angeles in August.

Stay tuned....