We Told You....

When NBC hired Megyn Kelly, FTVLive called it an experiment and it was one that was not going to work. 

At the first of the year, FTVLive wrote, "The cable news world will obsess on Kelly jumping ship, but the viewers really won't care. She trended on Twitter, but could not even top #Coachella. 

Kelly is now looked at as an enemy of the right, ever since her clash with Trump and helping get Roger Ailes fired. But, at the same time Kelly has never been liked by the left. So, in other words, what the fuck is NBC thinking? 

This experiment will fail."

We predicted that NBC would pull the plug on Kelly in two years. But, it took just two weeks for NBC to see that Kelly is not the ratings queen that they thought. 

'Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly' shed 42% of her viewers from her debut show and the debut was not even the success that NBC was hoping for.

Sources say the NBC suits are already in "panic mode" and can not believe that Kelly's numbers are dropping so fast. 

This Sunday, Kelly should get a ratings boost, despite the fact that her credibility is taking a massive hit. 

The show will feature Kelly sitting down with whack job Alex Jones. Jones is the talk show host that thinks that Sandy Hook never happened and scientists are creating hybrids of people and animals. 

The idea that Kelly and NBC is giving this nut job any airtime at all is just ridiculous. But, NBC is hoping that it will goose the numbers, despite the fact that it is hurting their credibility. 

But, it network TV, just as in cable news, ratings are more important then credibility.

Welcome to the new world of TV news.