WOW!!!!! Another Record for FTVLive!

This morning at 8:24AM FTVLive set another record for this website.

It was at that time that FTVLive passed last year's number for visits to In other words, we did more traffic in 9 1/2 months, than we did all year last year. 

2016 was a record year for this website and with 3+ months to go, this year is going to be even bigger. 

I continue to be blown away by the support of all of you guys and thank each and every one of you for stopping by this site each day. 

A huge shoutout to the FTVLive sponsors that make this all possible for you guys to read the news about TV news free of charge. 

FTVLive has turned down money from companies that want to place an ad on FTVLive, because we only want to partner with the best of the best. 

It might not be the best business practice, turning down hard cash, but we want you guys to know, if a company's ad is on FTVLive, then you know they are a good, solid company, that you can trust. 

If a company's ad is not on can pretty much figure out why? 

Thanks again for another record year (even though it's only September) and FTVLive will continue to add features to make this site even bigger and better.