Snapchat Hires Fox Executive

First, the messaging service hired a CNN correspondent to be "Head Of News"; now they've hired Marcus Wiley to run original content development. Wiley is Fox Broadcasting's former head of comedy development.

Why should anyone care? Snapchat has more than 100-million users. Any TV station or network would love to have even a sliver of that kind of audience.

Snapchat is reportedly making deals with Major League Baseball, Fusion, and others, after already teaming up with CNN, Vice Media, Comedy Central and ESPN. Their latest project is with AT&T to create an original series called, "SnapperHero".

Uhhh... given that Snapchat is mostly used by Millennials to send naked photos, we'll be setting the DVR for the "Snapper" show.

H/T Variety

Texas Flooding Story Hits Close to Home for Austin Weather Anchor

There are a number of people missing and many feared dead in the massive Texas flooding. 

And, while news crews continue to cover the story, it hits really close for one Austin Weather Anchor. 

34-year-old Laura McComb, her six-year-old son Andrew and her daughter, 4-year-old Leighton are all reported missing in the flood waters. 

Laura McComb is the sister of KTBC Morning Weather Anchor Zack Shields' wife.

McComb's husband, Andrew was rescued more than ten miles down the river suffering some serious injuries.

As the storm was hitting, Laura McComb called her Shields' wife to say the house was floating away.

NO?! You Didn't Not Do That?

The Texas flooding has become big news. 

How big?

The Weather Channel is actually covering weather and not showing "Fat Men Parts Unknown" (or whatever it is?).

Of course, The Weather Channel is leaning on local affiliates to provide much of the information and pictures. But, we're guessing that TWC is not really happy with KPRC in Houston.

When the network took the feed from KPRC at a presser, they fonted the station "PRICK-TV."

Everyone knows that that font is to only be used when Jim Cantore is on the air.  

Bada bing. 

Ummmm.....I Don't Think that is Houston

The Houston stations have been busy dealing with coverage of record rainfall and massive flooding.

It would not seem like any station would be hard up to find video or pictures of flooding in and around the Houston area.

A check of the KHOU website, showed picture of a jeep perched at the end of a washed out road. It was a dramatic picture to say the least.

It was also a very familiar picture to anyone that has seen the movie Jurassic Park.


Anchor's Son to Get Plea Deal in Purse Snatching Case

Back in March, FTVLive told you that the son of WNYW Anchor Rosanna Scotto son was busted over the weekend for swiping a Chanel purse at NY bar.

Cops busted Louis Ruggiero  after seeing him tuck a purse under his jacket as he was walking out of the bar, law-enforcement sources said. 

It now appears Ruggiero is going to be offered a plea deal before heading back to college.

 The NY Daily News reports that Ruggiero whose mother is a “Good Day New York” co-host, was in Manhattan Criminal Court where he learned he has yet to be indicted because of the pending offer.

Ruggiero left a Chelsea club with a stolen bag and had a fake ID and small amount of cocaine on him, authorities said.

He is set to return to court in early August.

Details of the plea proposal were not disclosed.

O-Town Reporter Lands Big Apple Gig

Back in March, FTVLive told you that Anthony DiLorenzo of WFTV and Kala Rama of WKMG were leaving the Orlando market and headed to the Bi Apple. 

"Kala and I will be leaving Orlando for job opportunities in New York City in the near future," DiLorenzo said at the time. 

Yesterday, Rama started as a Reporter at WABC in New York.

Her husband, DiLorenzo is still at the competition. He's working at as an Anchor at WPIX. 

Out the Door in Columbia and Headed to B-More

Word out of WLTX in Columbia SC is that Weather Anchor Amy Aaronson has left the station after 3 years and is headed to Baltimore.

Aaronson is going to WBFF, the Sinclair station in B-More to be the Weekend Weather Anchor. 

Her fiancé across the street, WOLO Photographer Eric Ferris is headed with her to Baltimore and will look for a Shooter job in the area.

Aaronson will be replaced by former WJTV Weather Anchor Efren Afante. But, don't tell anyone about that yet.

WLTX has yet to make that announcement and we don't want to spoil it for them.


Newspaper Guy Comes to the Dark Side

By the most part, Newspaper people have often thumbed their noses at TV people. But, now that the newspaper industry is dying, many are changing their outlook on the electronic media. 

You see more and more newspaper people taking jobs in TV news.

Another example?

Longtime print guy Phil Trexler is one of northeast Ohio's best reporters, having covered crime and courts for the Akron Beacon Journal for the past 16 years (and the News-Herald for seven years before that). Earlier this month,

Trexler left the ABJ to become an Executive Producer for WKYC, teaming up with Cleveland TV news legend "The Investigator," Tom Meyer. 

So what does he think about his move to the dark side?

"It was foreign to me too, to some degree. Initially, I didn't think there was a chance that I would make the transition. It was never anything that I really considered in the past, but looking into the future -- five, ten years down the road -- I thought that this would present a lot of great opportunities. We're doing the same type of journalism, just in a different format, a different frame. On the website, we're all doing the same whether it's print or TV or radio -- you still have a website. But I think us in print have this sort of arrogance when it comes to TV news, that we in print to do it better and with more depth. But it was eye opening when I came here to see the amount of work that goes in to producing just a two to three minute news piece. I spent way more time doing the story we ran Monday on state spending -- spent way more time on that than I had on a news story in print. There's a lot of components that go into producing TV news segments. A lot of what we're doing here is the same as what I was doing in print, but a lot of it is way different."

The print people are learning, it's taking time, but they're learning. 


Sweeping up in Jacksonville

You may remember that Cox blew up their Anchor team at WJAX in Jacksonville. The station basically fired or reassigned every one of their Anchors.

If you look at the numbers for the May book, the move seemed to be a smart one for the evening newscasts, not so much at 11PM.

Independent WJXT continues to be the 800 pound gorilla of the market. The station handily beats the others in the news numbers. But, in the evening newscast WJAX has moved up to number 2 at 5 and 5:30PM with WTLV coming in second at 6PM. 

“It really underscores all the changes we’ve made here in the past 12 months,” said General Manager Jim Zerwekh. “The viewers have come to like and accept and appreciate the changes we made." 

At 11PM it's a different story. WJAX is down 25% and WTLV is up almost 23% in late news. Again, WJXT is on top of the heap. 

WJAX is happy to see that their Anchor blow up did not blow up in their face. Viewers seem to be catching on an liking the stations new look. But, the drop in late news numbers has to be a concern. 

H/T Jacksonville Business Journal