Matt Lauer Plays Around with Caitlyn Jenner

It appears that NBC is not done trying to soak Caitlyn Jenner for a few more rating points.

But, the Peacock is not satisfied with just having the former Gold Medal Olympian sitting in the studio. Nope....Caitlyn Jenner tees it up with Today Show host Matt Lauer. 

NBC says, "n the candid, wide-ranging interview, Jenner opens up to Lauer about her journey, the ESPY criticism, the Malibu car crash and her dating life."

Another Caitlyn Jenner interview? Even Oprah be like:

Alison Parker's Father Withdraws From Election

The father of Alison Parker, who was killed on live television in Virginia is withdrawing from a local election race to focus on gun law changes.

Andy Parker planned to run for a seat on the Henry County Board of Supervisors, but has dropped out to focus on changing the nation's gun laws. 

Parker says that Alison's legacy will be her knack for journalism and for changes in the nation's gun laws.

Parker has also joined up with two anti-gun groups backed by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to kick off a national protest against gun violence.

Bloomberg's Everytown Survivor Network and Moms Demand Action are adopting Andy Parker's promise to do "whatever it takes" as their slogan for the September 10 protest.

Pittsburgh Reporter Shot by Paintball Gun Goes Silent on Twitter

FTVLive FIRST told you that a news crew from WPXI in Pittsburgh was shot at by some idiot with a paintball gun. 

Reporter Jennifer Tomazic and Photographer Moe Jetter were setting up for a live shot, when Tomazic was hit by a paintball. 

WPXI has not mentioned the story and it has not been reported in the Pittsburgh press. WPIX has covered a number of stories in the past few months of people being shot by paintballs in the viewing area, but has made no mention of the incident involving their own. 

As for Tomazic, she has gone silent on social media. Normally very active on Twitter, Tomazic has not posted to her Twitter since Aug. 28th. 

Cancer Knocks Texas Weatherman off the Air

KRIS Meteorologist Matt Terhune is passionate about the weather. It's hard to predict the future, but that's what made the profession so enjoyable.

"I love being as accurate as I could possibly be," he said. "It's my favorite job."

Terhune, who has been with KRIS 6 since 2001, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2007, undergoing three surgeries and several rounds of chemotherapy. None of that has stopped him from his forecasting duties.

"With every round (of chemotherapy) and every surgery, Matt has come back and come back strong," said Paul Alexander, KRIS 6 news director.

The days of being on air, however, have come to an end for Terhune. The disease has continued to progress, making it difficult for him to stay in front of the camera.

"We wanted to remove that pressure and let him know he has nothing to worry about," Alexander said.

Clinically speaking, Terhune is out of options, but his attitude hasn't changed. 

He said faith and the support of others keep him encouraged. 

"I've been sharing to people about my brain cancer for the past several years because I love their prayers," Terhune said. "I believe in the power of prayer."

Terhune has received thousands of prayers from the community, his wife, Michelle, said.

"People have been sending us cards and we've been on prayer lists in different churches," she said. "It's so great."

Terhune now lives a simple life, spending most of his time at home in Sinton with his wife, Michelle, and two children, and going to church every Sunday. 

"We have a lot of fun," Michelle Terhune said.

Though he's stepped away from the camera, Matt Terhune said he's not leaving his passion.

Terhune continues to post forecasts on his Facebook page, and stops by the station from time to time.

"He still comes in here and works on graphics and things of that nature," Alexander said. "He takes an awful lot of pride in the accuracy of his forecast. It's as big of a deal to him now as it has ever been."

H/T Caller Times

That One Won't be on the Demo Reel (Updated)

You know it's going to be a bad newscast when the lead story craps out and it goes downhill from there. 

WREG in Memphis had one of those newscasts that everyone in the newsroom would like to forget. The show got off to an awful start and it didn't get any better after that.

Cue the awkward Anchors trying to ad lib and find a a way out.

Updated: After management saw the story on FTVLive, they instructed the station's web team to pull the video of the technical glitch heavy newscast.

Can't stand the heat?

News Photographers Want CA Gov to Veto Drone Law

The NPPA is urging California Gov. Jerry Brown to veto legislation that would restrict the use of drones over private property without the owner's consent.

The legislation would make flying a drone less than 350 feet above private property without consent a trespass violation. Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara), author of the bill, has said the measure would prevent camera-equipped drones from peeping into windows or other invasions of privacy. 

In a letter to the governor, the National Press Photographers Assn. said the restrictions would be “impossible to comply with, impossible to enforce.”

If signed into law, news photographers using drones could be sued if the drone strayed onto someone’s property while “gathering newsworthy information at a different nearby location.”

The organization also said it’s difficult for a property owner, standing on the ground, to determine a drone’s exact altitude or location, and that may lead to erroneous legal claims.

The bill, SB 142, was approved by both the Assembly and Senate and awaits consideration by the governor.

H/T LA Times

WSVN to Tack on More News

WSVN in Miami is expanded their news to 64 1/2 hours each week.

The station announced that they are expanding their newscasts to three hours on Sunday mornings.

Beginning Sept. 12, the station will carry "Today in Florida" from 8 to 11 a.m.

"Our focus is and continues to be improving our product and making local news available seven days a week during the most convenient time for viewers," said Chris Wayland, executive vice president and general manager at Sunbeam Television, which owns WSVN. "Adding morning weekend news helps us accomplish this."

Wayland said the demand for morning news has grown because advertisers want to reach professionals who get up early and are looking for information to start their days. The station already has a Saturday morning newscast.

"We saw an opportunity to fill in a gap that we think existed to our audience so they can have access to us seven days a week, more so than previously," said Wayland.

H/T Sun-Sentinel

Anderson Cooper Mourns the Death of His Dog

CNN's Anderson Cooper sent out the sad news over social media that his dog Molly, a Welsh springer spaniel passed away Tuesday.

People that don't have pets can never understand the hurt of losing one. 

In a behind the scenes video for a 60 Minutes story, Cooper described himself as a  "total dog person".

Molly made appearances on Cooper's talk show "Anderson" and he featured pictures of her many times on his social media accounts.

Losing a pet is tough and many people don't understand how owners can be so upset over "just a dog".

We at FTVLive totally get it and offer up our thoughts to the CNN Anchor from both me and Rory,  FTVLive's VP of Cuteness.