Paying for "Likes"

WSB in Atlanta has seen their Facebook "Likes" grow at a very fast rate. 

WSB has over 700,000 "likes" on FB and the number continues to grow.

But, the station is using a pay for play ploy to get people to click like. 

Just how is WSB getting artificial "Likes"?

They are doing it by taking out these cheesy sponsored ads asking folks to 'LIKE' firefighters, police, and paramedics.

The "Like" is not for the subject, it is for the gain of the TV station. You "Like" their page, without even realizing it. 

So basically, WSB is buying their friends.

How sad is that?

The Hazards of Being a Morning Reporter

Working as a TV Reporter for a morning newscast comes with a number of hazards. You have to fight the lack of sleep, the late night weirdos and the lawn sprinklers.

FTVLive has showed you a number of times when the sprinklers have come on just as the live shot gets started. The latest victim was KHSL (Chico) Reporter Alex Backus.

In case you were sleeping at 5:30am... just wanted to share this: I saw the sprinklers start to turn on but I wasn't expecting all 20 to come on at full force!!! At least it was cold! :)

Posted by Alex Backus on Thursday, July 2, 2015

Houston Traffic Reporter to get Hitched

KTRK traffic Reporter Katherine Whaley announced Monday that she and her boyfriend Chris Wadley are engaged.

And props to her for not having a dopey on air proposal. 

Whaley and her husband to be got engaged while on vacation in Hawaii.

Whaley says that she hasn't made a  decision on whether she will take her soon-to-be husband's name for professional purposes. "But it would be funny if I hyphenate," she says.

Although you have to admit Katherine Whaley-Wadley would make her co-Anchors sound like Elmer Fudd in the toss.

H/T CultureMap

Station Fights Huge FCC Fine

WDBJ (Roanoke, Va.) thinks the FCC went way overboard with their $325,000 fine for the station.

Back in March, FTVLive told you that the FCC hit WDBJ with a $325,000 fine "for apparently broadcasting extremely graphic and explicit sexual content, specifically a video image of a hand stroking an erect penis" during a newscast.

The images popped up in a story about an "ex-porn star" who had joined a local rescue squad.

The station showed a page from an adult website featuring the woman. On the right side of the page were a series of boxes, one of which showed the "indecent" images. "Although the box does not show the entire body or face of the apparently nude male depicted, the image shows a hand moving up and down the length of the shaft of the erect penis.

The station has now officially opposed the FCC’s imposition of the fine. WDBJ says the video was seen for only 2.7 seconds of the far edge of the screen, occupying only 1.7% of the screen area.

WDBJ explained to the FCC that the image was not visible to either the photojournalist who produced the story or to two supervisors who reviewed it.

 “While WDBJ regrets that an offensive image was inadvertently broadcast, we believe that the First Amendment does not allow the FCC to ‘throw the book’ at a station for unintentionally including a fleeting inappropriate image in a newscast about a legitimate story. WDBJ has taken steps to ensure that this kind of incident cannot be repeated. We have asked the FCC to withdraw its proposed forfeiture,” said WDBJ GM Jeffrey Marks. 

We have heard of paying for porn, but this is way out there. 

H/T TVNewsCheck 

MSNBC to Copy Fox News with BriWi's New Role

It looks like MSNBC is going to take a page straight out of the Fox News playbook when it comes to using Brian Williams at the network.

Plans are still being worked out, but it appears that Lying Brian will be the "Breaking News Anchor" and have his own team working for him. 

If this sounds similar to Fox News and Shepard Smith's role, it's because it is. No word if BriWi will get a "News Deck" with giant iPdas like Smith, but a Fox News EP predicted that the idea would be copied. 

While announcing Smith's role as Breaking News Anchor, FNC EP Kim Rosenberg said, “Eventually I think this concept will be copied and this will be the norm.”

Sounds like MSNBC is going to do just that. 

BBC Will Cut 1000 Jobs Because of the Internet

People are watching less and less live television and it is costing 1000 people their jobs at the BBC.

Reuters reports that BBC cuts are happening because it expects to receive 150 million pounds ($234 million) less than forecast from the license fee next financial year as viewers turn off televisions and watch programs on the Internet.

Every UK household with a television has to pay 145.50 pounds a year to the BBC, a public service broadcaster which was founded in 1922.

"The license fee income in 2016/17 is now forecast to be 150 million pounds less than it was expected to be in 2011," the BBC said in a statement.

"This is because as more people use iPlayer, mobiles and online catch-up, the number of households owning televisions is falling. It also provides further evidence of the need for the license fee to be modernized to cover digital services."

Only 69 percent of viewing by British adults is now through live TV and among 16 to 24-year-olds, only 50 percent of viewing is done through live TV, the country's telecoms regulator said.

Stations here in the US need to wake up. The younger generation is not watching your newscast and you need to act now, not later.

Just saying.... 

L-A-Z-Y in San Francisco?

San Francisco is one of those markets that shares a helicopter. When a fatal accident occurred just outside the San Jose International Airport, KGO's Sky 7 covered it from the air.

Apparently, the folks at KRON didn't want to go through the hassle of taking the raw feed, so put up ABC's video with competing logos. Unless, of course, using Channel 7's logo on Channel 4 is part of the 'viewer benefit' which would then lead us to question why someone at KRON would agree to that? 

Here's the off-air video.

Low Rated Cable Channel Picks up Trump's Miss USA Pageant

Donald Trump's Miss USA Pageant has found a TV channel that will air the contest.

Both NBC and Univision backed out over Trump’s remarks about “rapists” immigrants.

So now cable channel Reelz (I haven't heard of it either) has stepped in and say they will air the pageant. 

“The decision on the part of Reelz to acquire the rights to the Miss USA Pageant was based on our belief that this special event, and the women who compete in it, are an integral part of American tradition,” said CEO Stan E. Hubbard today in a statement. “As one of only a few independent networks, we decided to exercise our own voice and committed ourselves to bringing this pageant to American viewers everywhere.”

Last year, Miss USA pulled 5.5 million viewers on NBC.

It is likely it won't even see have that on Reelz. 

H/T Deadline