Jeff Zucker's Mini Me

Not only does CNN media critic Brian Stelter look eerily like Jeff Zucker, he also totes the company line for the CNN boss as well. 

A number of CNN staffers tell FTVLive that Stelter is used by Zucker to get out the boss's message. It appears Stelter is also there to protect CNN when they screw up. 

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that in CNN's effort to be first, they cast aside the idea of being correct. CNN reported that former House Speaker Dennis Hastert avoided jail time and would be sentenced to two years of supervised release.

That information was not correct and while others were reporting the right story (Hastert would get 15 months of jail time), it took CNN almost an hour to get the story right. 

It was a big screw up, to say the least. 

In his nightly newsletter, Stelter made no mention of the colossal mistake by his own network. But, he did report, "@NBCNews tweeted a photo confusing Chief Judge Merrick Garland for suspected murderer Robert Durst today."

So why report NBC's mistake and not CNN's much bigger one? 

The Cable Game says, "If Mr. Stelter’s job is to knock the competition while protecting his bosses, he’s not a media critic, reporter or correspondent. He’s a company man—not what The Cable Gamer puts in the category of “reliable sources.”"

It should be pointed out that Zucker's mini me carries his boss's same love and fascination with Donald Trump. 

Mini me writes, "Last night dozens of the world's most famous people mingled at the Time 100 gala." While you had a room full of A-listers, Stelter only focused on one person, Donald Trump. 

He writes, "After Ariana Grande performed and dinner was served, a crowd formed around Trump immediately. Martha Stewart leaned over a railing to greet him… Emily Smith and Keith Kelly of the NY Post took notes… Charlie Rose and Gayle King both pressed him to come on "CBS This Morning" (in person; no phone calls)… And I showed him primary results on my phone. "Over 60%?" he asked. "

Wow! Donald Trump looked at Brian's phone and even asked him a question!!!! I bet young Brian will never wash his phone again. 

It's hard to be a "Reporter" as Stelter claims he is, when you are also such a Fanboy.

Just saying....