CNN Tries to Be First instead of Right

When the the sentence came down for former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, in his hush money case, CNN wanted to be first with the news.

The cable net reported that Hastert avoided jail time and would be sentenced to two years of supervised release.

Jake Tapper sent a tweet pointing to the CNN story on the web. CNN ran a crawl over their non-stop Trump coverage also saying that Hastert was not headed to prison. 

The problem was the judge was still talking and wasn't done with the sentencing. When he was done, Hastert was sentenced to 15 months in prison.


It took CNN almost an hour to correct their story. 

Tapper deleted his first tweet and then posted this one. 

Sadly CNN was very eager to be first, but took a longtime to post the right information. 

But hey, Donald Trump was we understand. 

Look for CNN Media Critic Brian Stelter devote a large portion of Sunday's Reliable Sources about CNN's giant screw up.

Ummmmm.....maybe not.