Could CNN's Top Sales Guy be Out?

Greg D’Alba

Greg D’Alba

Jim Murphy isn't the only one on the hot seat at CNN.

Sources tell FTVLive that CNN boss Jeff Zucker and Greg D’Alba president, CNN News Networks Turner Digital Ad Sales and Marketing are not seeing eye to eye.

Word is that Zucker does not believe that D'Alba is on board with CNN's new plan to move away from covering news. 

D'Alba is well liked both inside and outside at CNN, but sources say Zucker has had some quiet talks about replacing the top sales guy.

This all comes as the up fronts are just around the corner and CNN doesn't have winning successful show to sell.

One network source thinks  that alone is causing much of the tension between the two. 

D'Alba is also very close friends with New Day Anchor Chris Cuomo and sources tell FTVLive, he played an integral role in helping bring Cuomo over to CNN. Which has not worked out very week at all.