Jeff and Rick's Secret Meeting

Rick Kaplan

Rick Kaplan

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that CNN President Jeff Zucker had a hush hush meeting with former CNN President Rick Kaplan.

Many wondered what the former failed CNN President was doing talking to the current failing CNN President?

CNN sources tell FTVLive that Zucker was talking to Kaplan about struggling morning show 'New Day.'

Without a doubt, New Day has been Zucker's biggest failure so far at CNN. The network spent millions of dollars on the show and it has flopped.

Word is that Zucker is contemplating taking Executive Producer Jim Murphy off the show. 

It was one year ago that Jeff Zucker stood up in an editorial meeting and announced that Murphy would be the EP of the new morning show at CNN. Murphy was a former Senior Producer at GMA and also had stints in both the morning and evenings at CBS News.

Now, it appears that Murphy may get pushed aside from New Day.

Could Kaplan becoming back to the network he once ran to try and help save the morning show? 

Stay tuned....