Replacing Piers Morgan


FTVLive told you last year that Piers Morgan was going to be pushed out of his 9PM time slot at CNN.

Now that it went down exactly as FTVLive said it would, speculation is now turning as to who and what will replace Piers Morgan at 9PM.

It has been widely speculated that former ABC Anchor Bill Weir will takeover the Morgan time slot. 

Sources tell FTVLive that Weir's contract states he will have a show in prime time.

So, even if Weir isn't slated at 9PM, you can expect to see him somewhere in PT. It just depends how Zucker might might to shuffle the struggling prime time schedule.

Wherever Weir lands and 9PM is likely, word is that Weir's show would not be a Piers Morgan/ Larry King type show.

Weir will be more focused on technology and innovation. It is expected that Weir will be taking closer looks at the products and people that are part of the "next big thing."

In other words, Weir will be doing a show much like Donny Deutsch did on MSNBC.

I wonder how that worked out?

Stay tuned....