KC Station Under Fire for Report

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Back in April, Meredith’s KCTV did a story on Kansas City Chief player Tyreek Hill.

The station air a small portion of Hill and his then-fiancee Crystal Espinal taking on an audio recording that was supposedly secretly recorded by Espinal. You can watch the story here.

At the time Hill was being investigated on child abuse and domestic abuse violations.

KCTV Reporter Angie Ricono did the story and she and the station only released a small portion of the audio.

The station did not release the full recording saying that they were concerned only with the “newsworthy” portions and didn’t want to include the rest, which Ricono characterized as discussions of “intimate moments” as well as objectively non-news bits like Hill and Espinal passing through airport security.

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Now a local radio station has released to the full audio and the station’s report is being called into question.

After hearing the entire audio clip, the Kansas City Star’s Sam Mellinger writes, “we know now that Ricono’s words are simply not true. It’s hard to think of a scenario in which that was an honest mistake.”

A number of people in the KC area believe that KCTV and Ricono cherry picked the audio to cast Hill in the worse possible light.

The blog ArrowheadAddict writes, “KCTV-5 and those responsible for leaking a limited segment of the Tyreek Hill audio recording need to provide a real explanation (and apology) for why they did what they did.”

In the KCTV reports, the audio is damning of Hill to say the least. But, when you listen to the entire audio of the conversation, it gives it much more perspective.

It is clear now that KCTV should have released the entire audio and at least posted to to their website.

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Now, KCTV is being called out and their credibility is being questioned. There is an online petition asking for the station to fire Ricono.

This much is clear, this one time exclusive story has become a PR nightmare for the station.

KCTV News Director Casey Clark went on the station’s sports show to try and help put the toothpaste back in the tube. Here is a link to that.