Tough Start...


When FTVLive woke up at 1:15AM this morning we stumbled into the office only to find that our main computer was in the middle of an update and was going to take 45 minutes to finish.

We reached for our laptop which only had 8% battery left.

So after waiting for the update to finish we started working on FTVLive while being well behind schedule.

Then we had another problem. When we saved a story into our drafts, we could not open the story back up and get into it.

It seems the code from one of our advertising platforms was blocking us from getting into the story. So, we had to go into a backdoor, delete the code and start over again.

That’s how my morning has gone, here’s hoping you’re doing a bit better.

Any of you that become a FTVLive Patron today will really, really help make this day better.

Now, let’s do some news….