Well, Would You Look at That!

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Back in December, FTVLive told you that WRC Morning Anchor Angie Goff had signed off from the NBC station.

In her sign off Goff, praised her bosses and WRC and said that she thought long and hard about leaving. She did not say what she was going to do next?

But, back on December 18th, FTVLive wrote, “Sources at Fox Television and Fox O&O WTTG in DC had confirmed to FTVLive that Goff is crossing the street from the No. 1 station in the market to WTTG.”

Many in the DC market doubted FTVLive’s story and thought that for once FTVLive might be wrong.

Then yesterday, WTTG announced that Goff has joined station as the new Anchor of the 4PM newscast that starts next month.

WTTG News Director, Paul McGonagle said that effective July 8th, Goff will co-anchor the “5 at 4 p.m.” weekday newscast with Blake McCoy and serve as a co-host of “Like It Or Not,” weeknights at 7 p.m. In addition, she will contribute to various station newscasts and projects on all platforms.

And it was then that the DC newsies learned to never doubt FTVLive again.