Sinclair Posts Meteorologist's Job Opening


Well, I guess we all know what happened to Joe Crain.

FTVLive told you that WICS (Springfield) Meteorologist Joe Crain called out his station’s owner on the air over a corporate mandate as to how Sinclair stations handle weather forecast.

The longtime Weather Anchor went on the air and criticized the station’s “Code Red” weather warning system. He told viewers that it was a “corporate initiative” that “doesn’t recognize that not all storms are equal” and has generated widespread complaints.

After doing so, Crain was not seen on the air again and the station would not comment on his status? Some thought he was suspended, while others thought he was fired.

Yesterday, Sinclair posted his position online. So, those of you that guessed “fired” step up and claim your prize.

The interesting thing, Sinclair basically admitted that Crain was correct on his thoughts on the “Code Red” weather days and now the company has changed it.

So, Crain takes issue with something he thought was wrong, the company agrees and makes a chnage and yet he is still fired.

Is this a great business or what?

BTW- If you are a decent Meteorologist that really cares about the weather and how it is presented, don’t apply for this job. That’s our take.