EXCLUSIVE! Look Who's Crossing the Street in DC

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that longtime WRC Morning Anchor Angie Goff had signed off from the station.

In her sign off Goff, praised her bosses and WRC and said that she thought long and hard about leaving. She has not said what she is doing next and has teased a bit on social media.

She wrote on Facebook:

So what is ahead? First, I’m gonna get these dang Christmas decorations up if Lauryn Ricketts can get this weather in check! Next, I’m looking forward to enjoying some QT with my babies and husband over the holidays. Then, I’ll dive into a couple fun projects on my ever growing wanna-do list. More TV?

So why is she playing so coy?

Does Goff really not know what she is going to do next in her life? Why leave an Anchor job with nothing lined up? Those are the questions going around DC and the TV news world.

Well, although Angie Goff is not going to tell you what she is doing next, FTVLive will.

Sources at Fox Television and Fox O&O WTTG in DC had confirmed to FTVLive that Goff is crossing the street from the No. 1 station in the market to WTTG.

NBC O&O’s have a clause in talent contracts that for a period of time they have the right to first refusal. As an example. that means if Goff crossed the street for say $200,000, WRC would have the right to match that offer and keep her at the station.

Other media companies have the same language written in their contracts as well. It is often for a period of 30,60 or 90 days, depending on the company.

So, Goff cannot say where she is going and is enjoying her time playing coy with viewers as to what she is doing next? But, FTVLive can guarantee you she is headed to Fox owned WTTG.

The big question is why leave the No. 1 station in the market for a No. 2/3?

Also, why leave the very well NBC O&O, for The Firm?

It seems that Goff’s star was fading a bit at WRC and WTTG was more than happy to take her.

For some reason the Fox O&O’s put a huge emphasis on social media and think that it equates to ratings.

FTVLive has yet to see any proof that because a talent posts a picture of themselves buying diapers and cat food at the grocery store, that it bumps the ratings of the newscasts.

But, The Firm has gone so far to put a social media scoreboard in their newsrooms and get on talent’s back when they are not getting enough shares or “likes” on their SM.

When WTTG General Manager Patrick Paolini screwed up and let Anchor Annie Yu cross the street to WUSA, his station took a dive in social media.

Yu, like Goff is a big presence in the DC area on social media.

According to Fox insiders, Paolini thinks that Goff can fill the hole that was left open when Yu bolted the Fox O&O.

But, will Goff bring the ratings to the actual newscasts? That remains to be seen.

When it is announced that Angie Goff is headed to WTTG and both her and WTTG make a big deal about it, you can say, “Oh yeah, I saw that on FTVLive weeks ago.”

Oh, that is also the same time you will see the story posted on all the other media blogs and industry rags.

Remember, We Lead, They Follow.

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An earlier version of this tory included a tweet that was not from Goff. we updated the story.