This is Tegna...

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FTVLive told you that Tegna owned WGRZ (Buffalo) was adding a new 4PM “newscast”, but since it is Tegna you just knew it would be lacking on the “news” part of the cast.

Buffalo News TV critic Alan Pergment watched the new show and he did not exactly come away impressed.

The show, “Most Buffalo,” is fronted by Anchor Kate Welshofer and it offers up what can best be described as “Tegna News.” You know, the stories that are light on facts and try to be funny.

In a segment called “Kate Mail” in which viewers write in, one viewer praised the opener, another wrote “Too much news, bring back Ellen.”

That led Welshofer to bring out a life-size poster cutout of Ellen DeGeneres. Welshofer proceeded to explain DeGeneres’ show is now carried at 3 p.m.

Yep, this is Tegna.

Pergment summed up his review by saying this, “As much as I admire Welshofer’s personality in smaller doses and Channel 2’s effort to try a different type of news program, “Most Buffalo” has too much filler to be my idea of news. I’d more likely watch a baseball game in 30-degree weather than watch “Most Buffalo” on most days.”

Thanks Alan for watching, so we didn’t have to.