This is Tegna...


Tegna thinks they have found a better way to do TV news.

Many journalists and viewers do not agree.

Instead of just doing solid journalism, Tegna wants to try an reinvent TV news and the latest station to try it is WGRZ in Buffalo.

The Tegna station is launching a new “newscast” today at 4PM which they call “Most Buffalo.”

Not sure why it is called that, but maybe because most Buffalo viewers will wonder what the hell they are thinking?

According to WGRZ General Manager Jim Toellner, “Our goal is that ‘Most Buffalo’ will not look or feel like any other news show we produce or the market has seen,” Toellner said. “It will serve up a new and innovative news format to our viewers and social community. We hope it attracts loyal, occasional and even new, local news viewers.”

The “newscast” will be hosted by Kate Welshofer and an FTVLive favorite Maria Genero.

“We are dedicated to creating an innovative news program that gives viewers everything they need while surprising them with things they may not expect,” said Welshofer. “The region has experienced such a renewed sense of energy and vitality and ‘Most Buffalo’ is in a unique position to, truly, make the most of it. Personally, this is a wonderfully exciting challenge and I am really looking forward to connecting with our audience in a whole new way."

Time will tell if it works, but looking at other Tegna stations, history says it will not. ‘

Stay tuned…

H/T Buffalo News