Rebranding in Toledo

It is funny how many stations are rebranding in the run up to the May book.

Stations from coast to coast are either changing their graphics look, blowing up their shows, or swapping anchors in hopes of goosing the ratings for May.

The May book is the most important book, because if the ratings are bad, your sales team is stuck selling those numbers until November (the July book is a blow off).

So, struggling stations are making changes.

I’m not sure changing the colors of your logo will bring in more ratings, but TV stations are willing to try anything.

Tegna’s WTOL in Toledo is the latest one to change their look and rebrand. Yesterday, they sent out this tweet:

Of course, this is the same station that did the cringe video of their anchors trying to sound hip.

The fact which was not lost of viewers commenting on their rebranding:

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 4.08.51 AM.png