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KOTV (Tulsa) Anchor Brian Doorman was doing a story about an autistic teenager that had his bike stolen and the teen pointed out the person that did it.

Instead of calling police, Doorman decided to knock on the door himself and let’s just say, he wasn’t quite ready to do that.

The suspect got in his face and left Doorman speechless and walking away.

I’m sorry, but after watching this story, I’m thinking, why the hell didn’t the station just put up the $500 to buy this kid a new bike?

If KOTV and Brian Doorman really want to help the kid out, get him a new bike and let the cops handle the idiot that answered the door.

If Doorman or someone from KOTV wants to contact FTVLive, we will figure out a way to get this kid a new bike.

Let’s help the kid out and not just exploit him for ratings.