EXCLUSIVE! Bolting From Sinclair


Sources tell FTVLive that WPEC News Director Adam Henning is leaving the Sinclair station at the end of the May book.

Word is that Henning has another job lined up and he has had it with Sinclair and the way they control the content of newscast.

The GM sent a memo to the staff saying that, “Adam is not accepting our generous offer to stay.”

Station insiders say that Henning grew tired of the Sinclair “must runs” and is moving to a job where the company cares about Journalism.

Word is that Henning might just be the first of the Sinclair News Director dominos to fall. FTVLive has learned that a number of Sinclair News Directors are looking to leave the company as their contracts come up.

Many would like to leave now, but are bound by a contract and Sinclair’s willingness to sued those who breah it. “We are all finishing our legally binding obligation before getting the “F” out,” said one Sinclair ND to FTVLive.

Stay tuned….