The 3rd Best and Worst TV Markets to Work in

We have cracked the Top 3 when it comes to the Best and Worst TV Markets to work in (of the Top 5 markets).


The 3rd Best is the 17th Market of Denver.

A very competitive market with stations that are steep in news history. Some of the best News Photographers work in the Denver market and it is a great story telling market.

Awesome Summers and more Winter activities than you can count makes the Mile High City a great place to work and play.

Some of the best Weekend trips are just a short dive away and staying in town, you’ll still have plenty to do.

Denver is not paying like it used to, but still a great market to work in.

The 3rd Worst TV Market is market 21 and St. Louis.

April 1 arch_0.jpg

A dirty city with lots of racial division and a market that’s better days are long behind them. It used to be a good news town with top level talent. But now, with ownership groups like Sinclair, Tegna and Tribune (soon to be Nexstar) people are hired young and cheap.

Needless to say, it deeply shows in the product.

It is a market that you want to stay away from.

Check back net hour for the 2nd Best and Worst TV market to work in.