The 4th Best and Worst TV Markets to Work in

We have made it to Number 4 on the list of Best and Worst TV markets to work in…

For the 4th Best, we have to market No. 23 and Charlotte, North Carolina.

It wasn’t that long ago that Charlotte was well outside the Top 25 in markets, but it has grown in size like a weed.

Many people have made the move to Charlotte and it is also a good TV market to work in. The pay is competitive and the cost of living is good.

There is lots to do outside of work and lots to cover when you are working.

If you get an offer in Charlotte, it is one offer you should strongly consider.

The 4th Worst Market to work in, is No. 36 and Milwaukee.


It is a blue collar city and it still just feels dingy when you go there. Needless to say, it is cold as can be in the Winter and while the Summers are nice, they are way too short.

The pay for TV people is not good and while you can still find some decent priced housing, it does not make up for the fact, you are living in Milwaukee.

Check back next hour as we move into the top 3