The 2nd Best and Worst TV Markets to Work in

We have made it to the Deuce of the Best and Worst TV Markets to work in.


The No. 2 Best Market is the No. 1 Market and New York City.

Sure it’s expensive and a gritty, but it is the No. 1 market and everyone wants to make it to NYC.

It is home to all the O&O stations and the Networks themselves are based in the Big Apple.

As for stuff to do outside of work, come on! It’s New York, the city that never sleeps and you can always find something to do.

As for the 2nd Worst market he head to the 2nd market and Los Angeles.


It is also very expensive to live and almost impossible to get around in. The stations love hiring freelancers and they stay freelance for years to come.

It is a market where “entertainment news” leads the newscast way too often and the coverage is often superficial.

As for living there, you can’t afford it on a news salary and then you have to think about earthquakes, fires and mudslides as a part of life.

LA is not a TV news town and it is best to stay away.

Check back next hour for the Best and the Worst TV Market to work in.