Phoenix Reporter Released from Jail

Back in August, FTVLive told you that KPNX Reporter Bryan West was arrested for DUI.

We reported that Phoenix cops responded to a call at a McDonalds to reports of a man that was drunk, yelling cursing and had rammed a car.

When cops rolled up in the scene, they found West behind the wheel. As police yelled for him to stop, West sped away in his car and was arrested a short time later. When cops grabbed him, West started crying and told police that they were "ruining his life." Then he would start sobbing again.

The Phoenix New Times reports that West was scheduled to be released from jail yesterday following his conviction and sentencing.

West was convicted in Maricopa County Superior Court on January 22 of extreme DUI and failing to obey police commands, records show. He was sentenced to two years of supervised probation and nine days behind bars, which he began serving on January 23, according to court documents filed on January 30.

Besides the immediate jail time, West was sentenced to an additional 21 days in jail, with the stipulation that they would be dropped if he completed all the terms of his probation. West agreed to keep off booze during the two-year probation term, to participate on the MADD Victim Impact Panel, and to pay nearly $3,000 in penalties. He self-surrendered at the Durango Jail on January 23 to begin his nine-day jail term. He requested to be put on work release in the daytime, but records don't indicate if the motion was ever approved.

West was unavailable for comment on Thursday, and his cellphone would not take new messages.

West’s bio went missing from the Tegna station’s website back in August, the station has never addressed his status, because you know, the media.