Done in DC


FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that Sinclair’s WJLA (DC) had whacked a number of staffers back in late January.

One of those that was told there were not having their contract renewed was Executive Producer Thomas Tobin.

Sources say Tobin was slated to stick around to the end of the Feb. book where then he would be pushed out the door with no severance.

But, it appears Tobin had other plans, he sent his goodbye email to the staff and is walking out now.

FTVLive has obtained a copy of his internal email to his co-workers:


It has been an absolute pleasure these past few years. I wish all of you success.

GMW: You are my love - despite any turbulence we may have encountered - There is nothing I want more than to see you succeed. Together we defeated the odds, grew in ways no one imagined and even achieved number one status in record time. Please be nice to each other, have each other's back and work together. I'm sorry you have not been given a lot of direction over the past 20 months, but trust Sinclair is looking out for you and new leadership is coming.

NC8: Wow what a great place to play TV news. I have so much enjoyed getting to play with you. Traditional TV News along with getting to to try a few new things has been so much fun. Dave Lucas - there is no better news man than you.

10/11p: Nightside has always been my destiny. Keep breaking the mold guys - I'm sorry that you're losing your awesome leader Lauren but you're on your way to a comeback. Jaffe will make miracles happen.

Most of all I want to thank Joe Defeo. You gave me a second chance. For that I will forever be grateful to you.

With that, I am out.

I'm headed home to NY to lead a normal life again. and the 212 number will always work.