Sobbing Tegna Reporter Busted By Cops

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Cops clamped the cuffs on a KPNX Reporter that they say was very drunk and tried to run from them. 

Phoenix cops responded to a call at a McDonalds to reports of a man that was drunk, yelling cursing and had rammed a car. 

When cops rolled up in the scene, they found KPNX Reporter Bryan West behind the wheel. As police yelled for him to stop, West sped away in his car and was arrested a short time later. 

When cops grabbed him, West started crying and told police that they were "ruining his life." Then he would start sobbing again. 

Test show his blood alcohol at 3 times the legal limit. 

There was some debate in the newsroom if the Tegna station should run the story of their Reporter's arrest on their newscast? One person said, "You know FTVLive is going to have the story, I think we better."

The station decided to run a quick reader that left out a lot of details from the police report. They also used a station headshot and not West's mugshot from police. 

I wonder, if the Mayor of Phoenix was arrested, would KPNX use the Mayor's publicity photo, or the Mayor's mugshot? 

I let you figure that one out. 

Here is the story as reported by KPNX, below that is the police report of West's arrest, obtained by FTVLive: 

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