Shhhh! Tegna is Shooting Pilot Newscast


For some reason Tegna feels that they need to reinvent TV news.

Many Tegna stations have given up on trying to real news and now do something that is more like social media with a sprinkle of news mixed in.

Now, Tegna is quickly shooting test newscasts at their Cleveland station WKYC. This test comes from Tegna’s latest “innovative summit” in which they fly a bunch of millennials that work at Tegna stations and ask them how they want to do news.

Right now, WKYC Anchor Sara Shookman is working with WUSA comedian (we’re not making this up) Reese Watters on what Tegna hopes to be the future of late news.

Sources tell FTVLIve that the test newscast involves some fast paced news to start with flying graphics and rapid fire stories. Then the newscast will slow down for a more in-depth look at some stories.

While Tegna continues to try and reinvent TV news, the real answer is on CBS on Sunday night. CBS’s 60 minutes, which uses almost no graphics, no supers and almost no camera movement, ranks in the top 10 of TV shows almost every week.

Why? Because it is good solid Journalism.

That’s the answer.

Real news, less comics will get Tegna where they want to be.

Unfortunately, they don’t see it that way.

Shookman did let the cat out of the bag a bit on social media yesterday: