Man Accosts New York News Crew

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A scary moment for a news crew from WPIX in New York.

Yesterday, an unhinged man pulled open the back door of a WPIX news van and slapped the cell phone out of a reporter’s hand in Queens.

He then man a run at them with his car.

Cristian Benavides and Ken Evesroff were covering a fatal fire in Queens for the news station Wednesday night when on a break, they stopped at a McDonald’s on Suthpin and Linden Blvds. at 10 p.m., sources said.

The man walked up to the back of the van and pulled open the back door, while a startled Benavides recorded him with his cell phone camera, sources said.

Police said Thursday morning that Benavides filed a harassment report, and cops are looking for the man.

Benavides posted the video to his social media: