Sinclair Hires a Lefty


Sinclair has reached across the political aisle for their latest hire.

The company announced that they have hired Ameshia Cross to produce and host a new, daily commentary segment, 'Cross Point with Ameshia Cross.'

It appears that Cross will be the Left to Boris Epshteyn's 'Bottom Line with Boris' right.

If her segments are “must runs” such as Epshteyn's, it will shrink the news hole at Sinclair stations even more.

Sinclair says that Cross will leverage her decade of experience working at the intersection of policy, politics and communications for numerous progressive causes.

Cross is of course, “thrilled”:

"I'm grateful to Sinclair for this platform to engage viewers in a civil discourse that will include diverse perspectives to challenge preconceived notions," said Ms. Cross. "Having contributors that can offer different insights on the same topic is an important step in viewers finding common ground, and I'm thrilled to have this opportunity."

No word if Sinclair is paying her the same $300,000+ that they are paying Boris.

What do you think?