EXCLUSIVE: Internal Sinclair Document Shows What Boris is Costing the Company

You might be surprised to learn how much Sinclair is paying Trump water boy Boris Epshteyn.

FTVLive has obtained a document that was sent internally inside Sinclair. It lays out their plans for their must run, “Bottom Line with Boris” segments.

The document shows that Sinclair is paying out over half a million bucks for the segments and Boris Epshteyn himself is making north of $300,000 a year.

Yep….Boris and his mouthful of bees is being paid more money than many Sinclair Anchors, to spout Trump talking points and help Sinclair stay on their right wing messages.

It is interesting how Sinclair pitched, “Bottom Line with Boris” and how it has turned out.

Sinclair was hoping that Epshteyn would sit down with newsmakers and while it has happened from time to time, it is surly not a fixture.

What is not mentioned in the proposal is that Epshteyn signed an NDA with the Trump campaign and is barred from talking critical about the President. Of course, it is unlikely that Sinclair would want him to, but being hampered by an NDA hardly makes your “Chief Political Analyst” and unbiased asset.

Here is the document obtained by FTVLive, notice that one of the “risks” that they point out with “Bottom Line with Boris” is that viewers might tune out.

You will also see the salary information and what they thought could be brought in sponsorships and digital. As far as we know, the segment has no sponsors and the segments digital views are very low.

Sinclair projected that in 2019, “Bottom Line with Boris” would cost north of $830,000 bucks. They also hopped that Epshteyn’s segments would grow into a national daily show.

Here is the document, presented EXCLUSIVELY by FTVLive:

Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 3.46.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 3.46.49 PM.png