Boris Bombs on YouTube

If you log onto FTVLive’s YouTube channel, you might notice two things.

First, we have not uploaded a new vlog since September and you will see that we have just over 2,750 subscribers.

Yes, I need to start vlogging again and I will, promise.

Also, having around 3,000 subs is not very many.

But, I’m just one guy sitting in my Florida home that spends most of the day focusing on my Blog and paying little attention to social media like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

If I had a huge staff, or any staff at all, I would put much kore focus on these things, but there is only so much time and I’m only sleeping 5 hours a day now. I really don’t want to cut back on those 5 hours.

But even with my lame YouTube numbers, I’m still miles ahead of Sinclair’s Chief Political Analyst Boris “Mouthful of Bees” Epshteyn.

This guy airs across the country in “must run” segments on Sinclair’s 190+ stations and on his YouTube channel.

So how many subscribers do you think he has? 5 million? 50 thousand? 5 thousand? 5 hundred?

If you picked any of those numbers you would be wrong.

Boris “Mouthful of Bees” Epshteyn has just 242 subs and he airs on almost 200 TV stations across the country.

Yeah, but I bet he gets a ton of views on his YouTube videos, you might be saying.

Well let’s look at some of those:

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 3.56.06 AM.png

What?! So this guy talks about President Bush and his legacy and it has just 34 views. You could post a video of your kid spilling his milk and crying and it would get more views than that!

Sinclair obviously thought that hiring a Trump stooge was a great “get” and maybe their buddy Trump told them to do it.

But, Boris has been a complete bust for Sinclair and lately even Sinclair has been trying to back-peddle from Boris.

Maybe it is time the group hires a real “Chief Political Analyst” and not one that is bound by an NDA with Trump and can maybe be just a bit less bias.

Just a thought.