Worst Person in TV News for 2018 - No. 2

Patrick Paolini

Patrick Paolini

Coming in at the 2nd Worst Person in TV News for 2018 spot, we have a tie.

Taking over the Deuce spot is two people working at the same station. One is the General Manager and one is the Assistant News Director.

Tying at No. 2 is WTTG GM Patrick Paolini and WTTG Assistant News Director Kyle Carmean.

Insiders will tell you that these two are joined at the hip. “Kyle is Patrick’s spy in the newsroom,” a WTTG insider tells FTVLive. “DC is full of rats, but none is bigger than Kyle,” said another insider.

Many think that Carmean is not nearly qualified to be the the station’s Deuce, but he is there to be the ears and eyes for Paolini.

As for Paolini, he’s a GM that is really just a frustrated talent according to station sources. He loves being the center of attention and hates anything on the left of the political aisle.

Paolini posts his strong conservative views to his social media and most of his tweets, whether they are about politics or sports are negative and mean, unless he is carrying water for some right wing politician.

Kyle Carmean

Kyle Carmean

Paolini knows how to kiss his bosses ass. “This guy sat on a train for hours to show up at a lunch for Fox News boss Jack Abernethy,” said one source. “ Who takes a train for 3 hours from DC to NYC and then back to DC for lunch?” the insider said.

Sources say that Paolini kisses up to Abernethy every chance he gets and as one station source said, “sadly Abernethy loves his ring being kissed.” They say no one sucks up better than Paolini.

As for Carmean, one insider says his often time of inappropriate behavior is disgusting, bust he is “protected by Patrick,” according to a number of station sources.

Some station insiders say they actually feel for WTTG News Director Paul Mcgonagle. Despite the fact that Carmean supposedly works for Mcgonagle, “everybody knows he is Patrick’s boy,” said a number of station sources.

That makes the duo the tie for the 2nd Worst People in TV News for 2018. Check back next hour for the 2nd Best Person in TV News.