The Best Person in TV News for 2018 - No. 2

For the No. 2 spot for the Best Person in TV News we head down to Miami and find WSVN VP of News Alice Jacobs.

Jacobs no only oversees WSVN, but she is also in charge of the news at WHDH in Boston as well. Sunbeam broadcasting owns both stations.

FTVLive actually worked with Jacobs years ago and back then we would have hardly put Jacobs at the top of the best list. It wasn’t that she was bad, but she certainly did not stand out. But, Jacobs has grown into the job of leading a news department and keeps the WSVN train on track.

She understands that news is the star and WSVN/WHDH will do what it takes to cover it. WHDH is a solid station, but it it is not the stand out that WSVN.

WSVN is one of the innovators of the news industry and is often copied coast to coast. Watch any Miami newscast on any station and they all look very much the same. But you can be sure that all of them got that “look” from WSVN.

WSVN did not only change the way news is covered in Miami, but did it from coast to coast. For years (I won’t say how many Alice) Jacobs has overseen the product and keeps it fresh with new ideas and techniques.

Jacobs never seeks the limelight and will never comment on her competition.

To prove that she never seeks the limelight, FTVLive could not even find a picture of her for this story.

That lands Alice Jacobs in the Deuce spot for the Best Person in TV News for 2018.

Check back next hour as we tell you who tops the worst list.