The Worst Person in TV News - No. 1

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The Worst Person in TV News is a bit of a mystery in the fact that we don’t know who is responsible for firing WTVC (Chattanooga) Anchor Alex George.

George was working at the Sinclair station and was diagnosed with cancer. She was taking time off from work as she battled the disease, when she was told in a conference call that the station was terminating her contract.

George was not told face to face, she found out she was being let in an emotional conference call with WTVC HR, General Manager Mike Costa and News Director Tim Henderson.

Costa resigned from the station shortly after and it is believed that he did so because of the way the company treated George and her firing. Costa is bound an NDA and has not talked about the incident, but it seems clear that this was not a decision that he agreed with.

So, we don’t know who made the final call to fire an employee that was locked in a cancer fight, but it likely not Costa.

Whomever it is in the Sinclair food chain, we might not know your name, but you now know that you are the top of FTVLive’s Worst list for 2018.

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Check back next hour as we tell you the Best Person in TV News for 2018.