The Best Person in TV News for 2018 - No. 3


For the 3rd Best Person in TV News for 2018, we take a trip to Texas and that is where we will find KWTX Anchor Tara Mergener.

Mergener spent almost a decade in the DC area working for CBS News and some other outlets. She worked for CBS Newspath.

She made the move to local TV and KXTV in Waco, but she didn’t come into the station acting like she was too big for the market. She has hit the ground running and not only serves as Anchor at the station, but as Executive Producer as well.

She is not the kind of Anchor to take long dinner breaks and just read the news. Mergener often goes out of stories and she loves reporting as much as anchoring.

"At this point in my career, it's not about the right market size. It's about the right opportunity," she said.

Despite being at the network level, Mergener is down to earth and is willing to do what needs to be done to put the best newscasts on the air.

“She never brought a big market ego into the newsroom.” says one of her co-workers. And that lands her in the 3rd spot on the best list.

Check back next hour to see who is No. 2 on our worst list.