Worst Person in TV News for 2018 - No. 5


The 5th Worst Person in TV News is KCBS/KCAL General Manager Steve Mauldin.

Insiders say if it wasn’t for Donald Trump, Mauldin might be the most narcissistic person they know.

In 2018, Mauldin oversaw a huge talent drain at the CBS O&O. Just some of the people that left the station:

-Rick Garcia
-Jackie Johnson
-Leyna Nguyen
-Elsa Ramon
-Jill Arrington
-Craig Herrera
-Andrea Fujii
-Lisa Sigell
-Stephanie Simmons

Talent talk about their experiences behind closed doors with Mauldin where he bullies and belittles them, demanding they take a pay cut or sign "flat" deals for no raise.

He has gone through News Directors like it is a pair of underwear. His latest ND is so far in over her head, some are shocked she is the News Director in the 2nd market.

Sources say that you will know when Mauldin is at the station, when you see rotating fleet of Porsches parked in the very first spot next to the front door. If the sun is too hot, the very first spot in the parking structure blocked off for his use only.

Talent that were told they have to take a pay cut said that seeing his fancy cars is like rubbing salt in the wound.

But, he’s often not at work long, before often heading off to a 2-hour lunch at his exclusive country club.

All while KCBS sits in last place in the ratings.

That kind of action lands you on the FTVLive Worst list for 2018.

Check back next hour as we give you the 5th Best Person in TV News for 2018.