The Best and Worst People in TV News for 2018


Today is the day we countdown the Best and Worst People in TV News for 2018.

FTVLive received 1000’s of emails from people nominating their co-workers for the each list and we are happy to say that for 2018, we got more nominations for the Best list than we did for the Worst. That is the first year that has happened.

We will start the countdown at 8AM and we will add a person to the list each hour until we reach the top.

You may notice something about the list and we will explain that at the end.

If you made the Best List, congrats, you are one of the lucky 5 people in all of TV news to make the list and it shows that you are appreciated by the people that work around you.

If you are one of the top 5 on the worst list, maybe now is the time to take a deep look at how you handle yourself at work?

I live for the day when someone on the worst list turns it all around and ends up on our best list in the future.

You can get mad at FTVLive for putting you on the list, but it is a good bet that I don’t know you, nor have I ever met you. So, you are there because of the people you work with or deal with in your job.

I didn’t put you on the list, your actions did and maybe you should think about that each and every time you head into work.

The countdown starts at 8AM, in the meantime, let’s do a few stories.