The Best Person in TV News for 2018 - No. 5


We kick off the best list by heading out to Cali, where you will find KABC Reporter Veronica Miracle.

Miracle has quickly worked her way up the ABC food chain. She came to LA from the ABC station in Fresno and has proved she can handle all assignments.

She has filled in on the Anchor desk and looked comfortable and competent doing so. Her reporting skills are solid and she seems to handle any assignment thrown at her.

Miracle does very well on social media, where she provides a good mix of news and out an over abundance of selfies. She always seems to have a positive attitude and praises others for their work. Often times, people in TV are so self centered, they would never think of praising the work of a colleague. Miracle does so often.

If you are a newsroom full of Veronica Miracle’s, you can bet it would be a great place to work.

Competent, caring and just good at her job, lands Veronica Miracle of FTVLive’s list of the best for 2018.

Check back next hour for our 4th Worst Person in TV News for 2018.