Worst Person in TV News for 2018 - No. 4

Often times FTVLive’s Worst list is filled with some has beens in this business, but this time it is a never was that comes in at the 4th spot on our worst list.

We head up north and find WHTM (Harrisburg) Reporter Alex Peterson.

It is likely you never heard of Peterson, but he has found himself on FTVLive a few times over the years. Back in 2015, a racist tweet was posted to his social media and he claimed it was because he phone was hacked.


This was Peterson’s excuse as to the “blackface” tweet:


So, we’re to believe that he lost his phone and the person that found it decided, “you know what, I think I’ll post a tweet about blackface and Halloween.”

Yeah and Mexico is going to pay for the wall.

Peterson has a giant ego for someone working in Harrisburg. One of his co-workers tells FTVLive, “Alex acts as if he is next in line to take over David Muir’s job at ABC News.”

But hey, he can wear is hat sideways and post “hilarious” tweets like this one.


Congrats Alex, you have made FTVLive again and you are the Worst Person in TV News for 2018.